Fresh off the release of his International Fargo mixtape, a four-track surprise album that he dropped last week, Tory Lanez popped up in London for an interview with Good Morning Britain. 

The rapper is far from shy so it’s no surprise that when he was asked about growing up in a religious household and how his music is a far cry from that upbringing, he was clear on his goals and how it all comes together for him.

“My dad, I used to watch him go around the world and travel with us and bring us places…watching him just go on stage and preach. My dad is a very ordained speaker…gifted, just watching him perform every night and just communicating it to the people, I think that’s brought me into a place to do that.”

“It’s very simple for me, one day I will be the biggest artist in the world and I believe that wholeheartedly,” he said. “But in order for me to be the biggest artist in the world, there has to be some sort of light that I bring into dark situations or dark places. So, in order to bring light into dark places, I then have to go into a dark place.

Lanez is stacking his bricks to build the empire as he’s recently signed rapper Melii, much to the dismay of Meek Mill. He’s also squared up against fellow artists Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″, but later apologized for his behavior.